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Senior Game Designer  -  Full Time

Start date: ASAP
Salary: 80k-100k USD

Location: Remote

About Roforco

Roforco is building a game publisher on Roblox. We help indie creators bring their vision to life, bigger and better by combining their games with our professional resources, skills and industry proven best practices.

Roforco has already developed and published 6 games, totalling 63m play sessions and around 6,5M MAU. We've created a top 50 game, peaking at 15,500 CCU and we average a 90% like ratio across our portfolio. In 2022, we worked with brands such as Unilever, Sunsilk and Cosmopolitan.​


We're backed by top investors including:

- YCombinator (the world's most prestigious startup accelerator)

- Dentsu (one of the world's top 5 advertising agencies)

- Coddy Johnson (Partner, Goodwater Capital, ex COO & President of Activision)

- Paul Graham (Cofounder of YC, Founder of Viaweb)

- Eli Brown (Founder & CEO of Guilded, acquired by Roblox)

- Many more

Our Mission

Roblox has millions of players and global reach, but the lack of an early stage publisher means developers with incredible ideas can't create new, innovative games.  Roforco's mission is to enable developers to turn their ideas into hit games by bringing professionalism and AAA techniques to indie Roblox studios.

Job Details


At Roforco, we’re looking for a game designer with strong technical knowledge who can merge together the direction / insight and creativity from the team or community with entertaining gameplay mechanics and systems to create exciting, engaging and fun experiences.

The perfect candidate for us is someone with a strong sense of ownership and autonomy over their work, a deep understanding and passion for game design with strong communication, problem solving and storytelling skills.


- Conceptualising, implementing, and maintaining all elements of gameplay, to achieve a fulfilling flow state, addictive game loops, and a risk/reward balance
- Creating and maintaining comprehensive documentation (such as Game Design Documents, analysis, diagrams, and visual mockups)
- Collaborating across disciplines with teams on engineering, art and storytelling to create exciting, innovative and engaging experiences
- Using and collecting data or player feedback to iterate and improve the gameplay experience

Required Experience:

- 3+ years of work as a Game Designer

- An expert in F2P game monetization

- An expert in data analytics and liveops

- Past game design document creation
- A strong portfolio of work

Required Skills:

- Deep understanding player psychology and social gaming

- A passion for video games and a wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends
- Strong creative skills and ability to analyse gameplay systems with critical judgement
- Task driven with a problem-solving attitude and capable of working on your own initiative
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including brainstorming and presenting
- A creative, agile and player-first mindset, demonstrating you understand and can act as a champion for our audience, developing ideas with their needs in mind

Nice to have:

- A strong understanding of Roblox
- Previous experience working in a remote team

- Made their own games from scratch 

- Worked within startups or small/indie companies

We're a startup with a big vision. Naturally, that means each person individually plays a huge role and has a wide influence. It also means we work quickly, so being able to be flexible and keep up is key (even if your responsibilities or skills shift from those outlined above).

Next Steps

Contact / Application

You can apply either online or by email. If we're interested, we'll reach out with a response asking you for an interview. 


A standard interview. If everything goes well, we'll give you a temporary offer to work with us (paid) for a week or two.

First week/weeks

If everything's gone well, after your first week(s) we'll give you a permanent offer and you'll join Roforco fulltime!

Apply over email -

Apply online - through our hiring page

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